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Die Messe-Ausstellung 2021 in Ibadan


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The Committee on Mentoring Program (CMP) is a newly formed committee in which the members will meet regularly to plan mentoring programs for youths and students.  The committee believes that mentoring is a professional responsibility.  Hence, the Committee on Mentoring Program (CMP) is focused on providing meaningful mentoring expertise to support the professional development of Nigerian Youths / Students in entrepreneurship. The Committee will engage in the professional, cultural and personal support of the mentees, which will be in the foreground. 

Mrs Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach, the initiator of the Committee of Mentoring Program (CMP).

Members of the Committee on Mentoring Program (CMP) are:

  1. Rev. Dr Samuel Olaleye – The Chairman of the Committee
  2. Mrs Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach
  3. Eng. Daniel Eromosele
  4. Mrs Nike Victor-Tade
  5. Mr. Omoniyi Owoeye

Committee Goals and objectives are:

  • The committee will facilitate the Mentoring Programs, which might be annually. Such programs which match mentors, mentees and peer mentors. Also, such programs will promote leadership skills of the mentees, provide support in career planning and coping with complex work situations etc.
  • Developing partnerships and programs with professional individuals or organisations both at national and international level.
  • Recruits members to volunteer their time as peer mentors, mentors and mentees in the Mentoring Programs.
  • Collects resources for best practices in successful mentoring relationships.
  • Develops and refines professional materials to support a successful start to the mentoring relationship.
  • Provides mentoring-focused Webpage and resources for future members of the Mentoring Programs.
  • Solicits and acts upon the feedbacks from the participants about the effectiveness of the programs and engages in continual program improvement.
  • The Committee will also organize program events for mentors and mentees at the annual conference of the organisation.
  • The Committee members will engage in scholarly activities which include presentations at regional, national and international meetings.
  • The Committee will organise the venue, analyse program data, prepare written materials and make other necessary arrangements for the success of the Mentoring Program.


Made In Nigeria 2021

Ausstellung für Innovation und Erfindung

Ibadan, Oyo-State – Nigeria

Die Ausstellung reflektiert die aktuelle technologische Situation und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Nigeria. „MADE IN NIGERIA“ – Ausstellung für Innovation und Erfindung 2021 – findet vom 18. 11.2021 bis 20.11.2021 in Ibadan, Bundesstaat Oyo in Nigeria statt. Die Ausstellung dauert zwei Tage und am dritten Tag (20.11.2021) findet eine Preisverleihung statt. Dies dient dazu, die Leistungen und die harte Arbeit einiger Innovatoren und Erfinder anzuerkennen. Die Preise werden an die besten Innovatoren und Erfinder verschiedener Marken und Produkte vergeben, es werden Auszeichnungen für Kreativität, beste Unternehmen, Schulen und Universitäten geben. 

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English version:

„MADE IN NIGERIA“ – Innovation and Invention Exhibition 2021. Ibadan, Oyo-State – Nigeria

The exhibition will reflect on the present technological situation and economic development in Nigeria.  „MADE IN NIGERIA“ – Innovation and Invention Exhibition 2021 will be held in Ibadan, Oyo-State – Nigeria on the 18. 11.2021 to 20.11.2021.  The exhibition will last for two days and there would be an award night on the third day (20.11.2021).  This is to recognise the achievements and hard work of some innovators and inventors.  The awards would be given to best innovators and inventors of different brands and products, there would be awards for creativity, best enterprises, schools and universities. 

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